Estoico Indigo is a tequila in recognition of all people of one piece, strong of character and clear of thought, who face the weather with serenity and poise.

In every drop we seek to bring you a sip of freedom that will break down your borders and help you transcend from the soul. In every drop we awaken in you the pride of being who you are and your origin.

We are citizens of the world, we stand firm in the face of adversity, as we accept fate and act by focusing only on what we can control. We strive to awaken people's pride in who they are and to cultivate a love for where they come from. For making tequila an ambassador of the exquisite Mexico that develops products of international quality.




Stoico Indigo añejo is our delight of wisdom, ideal for those who know how to wait. Produced by our expert master tequila makers who take care that each bottle is carefully selected.



We recognize unbreakable people and at Stoico Indigo we seek to provide them, through every drop, serene and harmonious moments that help us break physical and mental boundaries.

Each one of our bottles is elaborated with meticulous processes that classify us as an Ultra Premium tequila, with an unmatched quality, which is internationally recognized even before its launching.

Our passion is to give life to ancestral traditions that unite us. As citizens of the world, we differentiate ourselves through our processes. We use mother yeast to ferment and preserve the biotic agents that make up our distillate, the stills are copper and our American white oak barrels are of the highest quality.

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